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What is Solar Energy?

An awe dropping 150 miles away, the sun throws out an amazing amount of energy. This is solar energy. SunScan – the sun is so powerful for solar water heaters, that if we could harness just one hundredth of a millionth of one percent of this power, we would have enough for all earth’s needs many times over.

In fact, every minute that passes brings enough energy from the sun to earth to meet all our needs for at least one year. We have been developing the technology to harness solar power for many years, but there is still a long way to go. However, one successful way that we do harness solar energy is by using solar panels on buildings, using the suns rays to create energy, which can heat the hot water tank and provides electricity. One square meter of a solar panel in a sunny climate can power a 100-watt light bulb.

SunScan solar geysers with electric backup

In fact if you had to take the suns energy and put it in a solar panel you could power the entire South Africa for 3 million years. SunScan solar geysers with electric backup are ore beneficial and useful as they charge a battery that can be used at night time. This gives your home electricity al through the day so that there may always be hot water to bath, shower or clean dishes.

Types Of Solar Water Heating Systems

Increasing electrical power bills, costly energy sources and raising demand for residence equipment has actually made the standard water heater a home appliance viewed at with wariness. The price of having actually water warmed has become simply as well expensive and the typical guy can ill pay for to utilize one his entire life time. Solar water heating systems are the current craze, known for their energy-efficient functioning and fantastic return on financial investment.

img29876They could cost more in advance however save cash gradually. Such an investment which vows cost savings, dependability and durability has actually been a favorite with the masses and if you’re aiming to reduce energy expenses, perhaps it’s time to consider making the button. Solar heating units are entirely powered by the sunlight’s energy. This indicates power cuts and power outages have no bearing on their function. They collect the most sunshine when the sun is at its brightest and store surplus warm water for use later on. Australia, the land of warm skies, provides the excellent environment for harnessing this electricity.

As well as if you reside in chillier climates it’s still possible to enjoy exactly what these heaters provide because in contrast to common belief, you do not need hours of bright sun to get them functioning. Active solar heating units are mainly of 3 kinds, direct, indirect and drainback. In direct systems, water is straight heated in solar collectors and spread in to your residence. Solar geysers are really easy to install if you use the right contractors to do the job.They’re ideal suited for areas that don’t experience extremely chilly or freezing problems as the absence of warmth exchangers implies extremely cold/freezing water could not be heated up successfully. Indirect devices, on the other hand, utilize fluid mixtures circulated via enthusiasts.

The warmth collected is after that moved to the water to be heated which is stored in containers. The devices are suitable for really cold and near-freezing environment conditions as the liquid combination – usually antifreeze – protects against water from cold. Obviously, there’s a minimum freezing temperature level below which the fluid might not function which is why it is essential that you select a system which fulfills the expected minimum temperature level of your region. With drainback devices, water or glycol is spread through the enthusiast loophole and is saved in a container when the pump stops. A differential controller operates to start the pump to path water into the system.

The whole function functions just when the enthusiast’s temperature level is greater compared to the water saved in the storage tank so it’s perfect for cold environments as the saved water does not influence the procedure. Easy solar heating units don’t utilize pumps however count on gravity and the propensity of water to circulate when warmed. They do not have electric elements makings them less costly and at times, more reputable than active devices. Integral collector/storage and thermosyphon are both types. Important devices are simple buildings that contain a storage tank and all-round insulation besides one side dealing with the sun. Water is gathered, warmed and made use of in a single system i.e. the storage tank.


Though standard, it serves its objective in regions that see a great deal of sunlight and for people who require hot water generally within the day or in the night. As soon as evening drops, the collected hot water cools and can’t be heated up till the next warm day. Thermosyphon systems depend upon water’s possibility to end up being light-weight as it’s heated up. The heated water streams to the storage space container and is piped via the plumbing device. Awesome water flows to pipelines in the base of the collector which helps flow.